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Cleaning Weathered Decks and Garden Furniture

If you have wooden decks or garden furniture that has been exposed to weathering or UV rays without surface protection, you may have noticed that they have turned a silvery-grey color.

This is called greying, and it is a natural process that occurs when the lignin and other wood components that give wood its color are degraded by UV light and then leached out by rainwater.

The extent of greying varies among different types of wood. In this blog post, we will discuss how to clean and refresh wooden decks and furniture that have become greyed from exposure to the elements.

teak oil

How to clean and refresh greyed wood?

To refresh and clean greyed and dirty wooden decks we recommend the following procedure.

Step 1

Apply LOBA® Deck&Teak Refresh undiluted deeply with a brush and allow to take effect for approx. minutes. Work over alongside the woods’ graining with a scrubber or a brush and make sure to consistently clean the scrubber with clean water. Afterwards rinse the entire surface with clear water. Repeat procedure in case of heavy soilings or prolong exposure time of LOBA® Deck&Teak Refresh.

Step 2

After full curing of the surface oil-impregnate surface with LOBASOL® Deck&TeakOil or Deck&TeakOil Color.

This two-step process of cleaning and refreshing will help to restore the original color of your greyed wood, as well as protect it from further weathering. UV rays and rainwater can cause damage to wood over time, so it is important to regularly reapply surface protection products such as LOBA® Deck&Teak Refresh and LOBASOL® Deck&TeakOil.

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About Loba’s Products

Loba is a German company that specializes in the development and production of high-quality wood finishes and cleaners. Their products are safe for humans, animals, and plants, and are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. Loba’s extensive outdoor product line includes everything you need to clean, refresh, protect, and maintain your wooden decks and furniture.

Whether you are looking to do some basic cleaning or intensive refreshing of your weathered wood, Loba has a product that will suit your needs. For more information about Loba’s products, visit our website or contact a local dealer today. Thanks for reading!