Wood Floor Oils & Oil Finishes for Hardwood & Parquet Floors

Our range of natural oil finishes for hardwood and parquet floors is designed to enhance the beauty of your space while providing long-lasting protection. Loba Wood Floor Oils penetrate deep into the wood fibers, stabilizing and strengthening your floors from within. Whether you prefer a transparent oil finish to showcase the natural elegance of your wood or a color finish to complement your decor, we have options to suit your style.

Our Favourite Floor Oils & Finishes

2K ImpactOil Transparent 2,5Kg LobaSol Oils and Wax

2K ImpactOil Transparent 2.5Kg

Elevate your wood’s natural beauty and durability with 2K ImpactOil Transparent 2.5Kg – the ultimate solution for high-quality, long-lasting protection.

Markant Nature 2,5L LobaSol Oils and Wax

MarkantNature 2.5L

MarkantNature 2.5L – the premium hardwax oil that preserves wood’s authentic beauty while providing exceptional protection against water, dirt, and wear.

Pretone Steel 2,5L 98103 LobaSol Oils and Wax

Pretone Steel 2.5L

Enhance your wooden floors with a waterborne pigment stain that intensifies color under colored oils, now available in new shades like mocha and steel.

Markant Semi-Gloss 2,5L LobaSol Oils and Wax

Markant Semi-Gloss 2.5L

Experience the durability and natural beauty of a premium hardwax oil that accentuates wood’s natural charm while providing resistance to dirt and water.


Why Choose Loba Flooring Oils?

Superior Durability

Loba’s floor oils are engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday life, providing long-lasting protection for your hardwood and parquet floors.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Our natural oil finishes enhance the beauty of your wood floors, bringing out the richness of the grain and adding warmth to any space.

Versatile Options

Whether you prefer a transparent oil finish to showcase the natural beauty of your wood or a color finish to match your decor, Loba offers a wide range of options to suit your style.

Innovative Technology

Our Markant range of hardwax oils combines the advantages of both oil and wax, ensuring an even finish that accentuates the natural character of your floors.

Ready to transform your hardwood and parquet floors? Choose Loba Wood Floor Oils for durability, beauty, and sustainability. Elevate your space today!

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