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Surface Treatment of Wooden Dance Floors

Dance floors for professional competitive dancing require non-slip, high-traction surfaces with a high coefficient of friction. In order to achieve the right grip, the surface of the floor must be prepared correctly. This blog post will discuss the proper surface treatment for wooden dance floors.

Preparing for Treatment

The first step is to make sure that the floor is sanded and free of any oil, fat, wax, silicone, or sand dust. It is important to check the wood moisture content and make sure it is below 12%.


The room temperature should be between 15°C and 25°C, with a relative humidity of 40% to 75%. The temperature of the material should also be between 18°C and 25°C.


To achieve the correct grip, a final sanding should be performed using a LOABSAND sanding net grade 80. This will help to create a smooth surface with the right amount of traction.

Lobatool sanding belts, buffing pads & rollers.

Surface Treatment

The next step is to apply LOBASOL® HS ImpactOil with a LOBATOOL Mircofiber roller in a constantly thin layer. After an exposure time of one hour, the surface should be evened out using a single disc machine and a beige LOBASAND Special Pad.

After the oil has dried for 24 hours, a thin layer of LOBACARE® ParkettWax should be applied. The wax should then be buffed using a machine and a LOBASAND Normal-pad white. This will create a high-gloss finish that will help to protect the floor and provide the right amount of grip.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean the floor, a damp mop should be used with LOBASOL® FloorClean. For more difficult stains, LOBACARE® MultiSurfaceCleaner can be used. It is important to avoid using too much water when cleaning the floor.

The surface should be re-oiled every six to twelve months, depending on the amount of traffic. To do this, the floor should be cleaned and sanded as described above. Once the floor is prepared, a new layer of LOBASOL® HS ImpactOil should be applied.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your wooden dance floor has the right surface treatment for optimum grip and protection.

Loba product on varnished floor

Using Your Floor for Recreational Sport or Multi-Purpose Use

If you will be using your floor for recreational sport or multi-purpose use, you will need to varnish it using a parquet finish suitable for high traffic areas. For this, we recommend LOBADUR® WS Matt or LOBADUR® WS Gloss. You should use a standard, 100/120-grit sandpaper for the final sanding.

In order to avoid excessive abrasion and wear, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the floor is protected by an intact maintenance layer, especially before every dance event. You can achieve this by applying a thin layer of LOBADUR® ParkettWax or LOBADUR® FloorFinish.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your wooden floor is properly treated for recreational sport or multi-purpose use.

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